Equipment Policy

It shall be the policy of the TCYFL to ensure that all equipment owned by the league is properly maintained and cared for. The TCYFL Director of Equipment will set the guidelines for proper maintenance, care, and cleaning of all league equipment. All equipment will be examined for wear and damage prior to being checked out by players. It shall also be examined for wear and damage when turned back in. All equipment that is deemed unsafe or not repairable shall be disposed of and not retained for future use.

If a player receives equipment that he or she feels is substandard it will be their responsibility to bring it to the attention of the warehouse staff. The equipment will be checked at that time for wear and safety.

The warehouse has approximately 1600 sets of shoulder pads, 1600 helmets, thousands of individual pads, and 3600 pair of practice and game pants. It is staffed by 2 or 3 people who work to inspect, repair, and catalogue all the equipment during the off-season. It takes hundreds of hours that are all volunteered to ensure that our equipment is in the best condition possible for the safety of our players. Please respect the investment that the league has made and follow the Rules and Guidelines concerning equipment.


  1. Never exchange your equipment with another player or let your coach take it. Every helmet and shoulder pad has a league ID number. If it is recorded when you check it out and if you don't have the right equipment when it is checked in, you may be charged.
  2. All pads must be removed prior to washing. Pads should NEVER be placed in the dryer. The heat will melt the glue, the pad will come apart, and your child will not be safely equipped. You will also be charged for the damaged padding.
  3. Bleach should never be used when washing. Practice pants will come clean without the use of bleach. Using bleach shortens the usable life of our uniforms.
  4. You should never use tape on shoulder pad straps or tie the straps in knots. It degrades the strap and may cause it to fail. If the strap continually comes loose see your equipment manager for a new strap. However, shoulder pads receive a lot of pushing and twisting during normal use. Loose straps are normal and should be checked and adjusted frequently. It is "part of the game."
  5. You must never physically alter any of the equipment. Cutting or sewing equipment to make it fit is prohibited. You should make sure it fits at checkout time and if it doesn't, exchange it for something that does.
  6. Never throw, drop or sit on your helmet. It protects your most valuable asset, your brain. It's the most important piece of protective equipment you have. If it doesn't fit properly have it checked by your equipment for possible adjustments or replacement.
  7. There are many small parts that may become lost during the season. Don't try to jerry-rig something together to fix it. See your equipment manager and have it fixed right.
  8. You are responsible for the removal of all foreign objects from your helmet prior to turn in.
  9. You are responsible for gear turn in. Don't give it to a coach to turn in for you. They are not permitted to take gear from players.

All franchises are required to have an equipment manager to fix parts or equipment that may become damaged in the normal course of the season. Coaches should not repair or alter equipment. Their intentions may be good but in the interest of keeping practice going or the game moving they may cut corners. See the equipment manager and get it fixed right.

Every year we have gear returned that has clearly been damaged or altered by the player. The claim that "we got it that way" is not a valid excuse and will not be accepted. All gear has been inspected during the off-season and if you receive a piece of equipment that you feel is substandard return if for something that is not.

Every year we purchase new equipment to replace damaged and old equipment that has been taken out of service however, your chances of getting new equipment is about 1 in 10, but all the gear is in good condition.

Unfortunately sometimes equipment gets lost, not returned or damaged beyond what is considered normal use. You will be responsible for lost or damaged equipment. Replacement costs are as follows:


Shoulder Pads

Game Pants

Practice Pants

Girdle Padding
$20.00 each

Clothing repair or laundry
$5.00 each

Equipment Return

  1. Return all equipment that was checked out. You will be charged for missing or damaged items.
  2. Equipment must be clean and in good order:
    Game and Practice Pants: All laces should be present and knot free. Any rips or tears in the pad pockets repaired. Remove belts, they are yours. Clean prior to turn in.
    Helmets: All award stickers removed. Mouthpiece removed. If your helmet came with a chinstrap it must be returned. Helmet cleaned.
    Pads: Proper number of pads returned (2 thigh, 2 knee, 2 hip, 1tailbone). Pads are in good condition. It is obvious when pads have been exposed to high heat in a clothes dryer and you will be responsible for damages. Clean pads with soap and water.
    Shoulder Pads: Draw string present with no knots. All straps and buckles present and in good shape. All tape and knots removed from straps (should not be there in the first place). Pads cleaned.
  3. Check all equipment serial numbers with your original equipment sheet to make sure you have the equipment you were issued. Helmet number is either inside or outside the left ear hole. Shoulder pad number is on the left chest.

Please remember that this league exists as a result of a team effort. Everyone wants their kids to get good equipment. Please turn your gear in the way you would like your child to receive it next year.

All equipment must be turned in at the end of the season on the scheduled dates. If you cannot make one of the return dates you must make arrangements to return the equipment with one of the warehouse directors.

All charges for equipment damage or missing equipment must be paid at the time the equipment is turned in.

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