Supplemental Rules

 TCYFL K-1, Flag Football Rules 
All Games will follow NFL Flag Football Rules. Modifications and additions to the NFL Flag Rules shall be listed as Supplemental Rules and approved by the TCYFL Board of Directors. 

SR-1: ​A team may consist of no more than 12 players unless authorized by the TCYFL Board. Such authorization is in effect for only the season year for which authorization was granted.  

SR-2: ​The playing field will be roughly 36 yards wide and 50 yards long, including the 10 yards of end zone. Most games will be played on a field specifically marked for Flag Football. For games not marked specifically for flag football, a full size football field will be divided into two playing fields as follows: The playing field length will be designated as from the 40 yard line to the end line of the nearest end zone. The playing field width will be designated from the home side line to the far hash marks, approximately 36 yards in width. Including the 10 yards of end zone, the field shall be 50 yards in length and 36 yards in width. Players may wait to enter the game between the 40 and 50 yard lines.

SR-3: ​The field will not include “no run” zones.

SR-4: ​The game will be 40 minutes in length split into 4, 10 minute quarters. A 1 minute break between 1​st ​and 2​nd ​quarter and between 3​rd ​and 4​th ​quarter. A 5-minute halftime will be granted. The clock is a continuous, running clock with no stopping of time.  The Referee shall keep official time for the game, if no referee is present,  Prior to the start of the game, the home team head coach will designate a volunteer to be the time keeper for the game. The volunteer does not need to be a certified coach. The home team head coach will be responsible for the designated time keeper’s conduct.

SR-5: ​Prior to game play all players will assemble at the 25 yard line to perform a flag check. All players will “pop” or remove their flags from their belts to ensure correct function. A player without functioning equipment will not be allowed to play until properly equipped.

SR-6:  ​One coach from each team can be on the designated playing field during game play.

SR-7:​ A coin toss will determine which team shall begin the game on offense.

SR-8: ​For K-1 level, Offense will start on the 25 yard line. Offense has 3 plays to reach 10 yard line​. ​Reaching the 10 yard line gives the Offense 3 plays to score. If the Offense scores, they will be given 1 try for the Point After, from the 5 yard line. Unused plays do not carry forward. Failing to reach the 10 yard line or score, will turn the ball over. The defense then starts on offense at the 25 yard line.

SR-9: ​Forward passes are not required to cross the line of scrimmage.

SR-10: ​Defensive players may not cross the line of scrimmage or rush the quarterback until the ball has been passed or handed off from the quarterback to another player.

SR-11: ​Interceptions shall result in a dead ball with the defense taking over on offense at the 25 yard line.

SR-12:​ Teams of 10 or less players will provide a minimum of 20 minutes of playing time for each participant. Teams of more than 10 players will provide a minimum of 12 minutes of playing time for each participant. 

SR-13:​ The TCYFL does not record the results of the games. Score may be kept for the game, but the game results are not recorded for league purposes.  

SR-14:​ A team may have an adult, parent as an on-field volunteer for games. This volunteer will need to register with the TCYFL as a team coordinator and pass a background check.


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