Injury Policy

  1. It is the policy of TCYFL to encourage safe play and to avoid injuries and accidents.
  2. Coaches will have a first aid kit and basic knowledge of first aid.
  3. Coaches or their designated assistants shall treat any minor injury which requires a bandage tape and/or ice pack. Any injury requiring additional attention or treatment shall be referred to medical professionals.
  4. The first aid kit will contain disposable rubber gloves for the treatment of open wounds.
  5. If a player/cheerleader sustains an injury that stops the game or if a player requests help, the coach will render aid to the player. The coach will determine the nature and severity of the injury. If the player/cheerleader has a minor laceration or abrasion and simple bandaging can control the bleeding, the coach will treat the injury. If a player/cheerleader receives a minor strain or sprain and the injury can be treated with ice, the coach will treat the injury. In the event of an injury not mentioned above, such as but not limited to severe bleeding, possible bone fracture, dislocations, 911 shall be called for emergency medical assistance.
  6. All incident/accident reports shall be reported to the League within 48 hours of the incident/accident. The TCYFL Vice President is our League representative.
  7. Any player requiring treatment from a medical professional, regardless of why the treatment was sought, must have a medical release before the player may be allowed to practice. A copy must be sent to the league as well as the Franchise Head Coach and the Team's Head Coach.  A copy of the form is attached below.  You may also print the form from your account.  To do this, log in using the ID and password you used to register the child.  Find the child in your account.  Click on the PRINT FORMS button next to their name.  Print the resume participation medical clearance form.

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