Registration Policy

It shall be the purpose of this policy, and the intent of the guidelines, to provide a comprehensive structure for the registration process. TCYFL endeavors to make the process clear, precise, and fair so as to allow as many participants as is reasonable without creating an undue burden on the league registrar, equipment directors, or franchise head coaches and coordinators.

Registration Requirements to Be an Eligible Participant
A. All participants shall have their registrations complete prior to participation in a league event. Registration fees, birth certificates for all participants, signed participant waivers, read and sign the "Head Injury and Concussion" parent and player awareness form (new law requirement with no exceptions), and a league weight obtained according to league rules are requirements.

 B. If the requirements are not met, the participant will be considered ineligible to participate in a league game until the registration requirements are met in full.

C. Using an ineligible participant will be grounds for a protest and any game that an ineligible participant participated in may be forfeited.

D. Sanctions will be imposed on a coach found to have used an ineligible participant during a game:

     1) First offense - 1-week suspension from practices and events.

     2) Second offense - 10-year non-appealable suspension from the league.

     3) Sanctions are cumulative throughout the career of the coach.

Early Registration
The period considered as early registration will be determined by the TCYFL Board and shall not begin prior to March 15 of the current year nor end after June 1 of the current year.

A. The registration process shall begin with activation of online registration. TCYFL only accepts online applications via our registration website. Computer access is made available during gear checkout times.

Note: As of 2013, the League only allows for online registration.

B. Online registration will be activated no later than April 1 of the current year.

General Registration
Will open no later than April 1 and close in early July.

 A. Only online registration is accepted during the registration period.

 *The intent of an early July date is to provide the equipment directors enough time to order necessary equipment so the participants will be ready for practice on August 1. It will also allow the franchises an opportunity to know how many teams, and therefore how many coaches are going to be required for the upcoming season.

B. No participant in possession of equipment from any prior year will be allowed to register until either the equipment is returned, or payment is made to cover the costs of replacement.

C. No participant with monies owed to the league or franchise from any prior year will be allowed to register until payment is made for the outstanding debt.

Late Registrations
A. Any registration after the close of general registration must meet the following criteria and is subject to a late fee:

1. Late registration will be open from July 1 thru July 24. No registration will be accepted after July 24 unless the team is under 17 players. This is not allowed if the team has split before the mandatory 34 player split.

In order to be officially registered with the TCYFL and be eligible to participate in any TCYFL activity you must meet all the registration requirements:

1. You must have a registration on file and be paid in full.

2. You must have had your age verified. This is accomplished by turning in a copy of your birth certificate if you have not in a prior season.

3. All football participants must have an official weight on record. Prior to Jamboree, official weights are gathered during gear checkout. In order to participate in TCYFL games, a player must of an official game weight as recorded in Rule SR-4.

4. All equipment from the prior season / seasons must be turned in and any money owed to the league must be paid in full.

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