The Thurston County Youth Football League is a non-profit organization that has the sole purpose of providing youth football and cheerleading in Thurston County and South Sound areas for youth between the ages of 5 and 14. We are dedicated to providing the best coaching, equipment, playing facilities, and competition for all who participate in this league. Though this is a competitive league, safety and sportsmanship shall never give way to competition.


Instill and promote the character values:

  • Respect - For yourself, opponents, officials, spectators, and the game
  • Responsibility - Accountable for one's own actions
  • Integrity - Truthfulness and following through with commitments
  • Servant Leadership - Putting the team goals before personal accomplishments and inspiring others to do the same
  • Sportsmanship - Fair play

Develop skills in football or cheerleading

  • Minimize the number of participants per coach
  • Develop team spirit
  • Promote health in mind and body
  • Encourage fun and enjoyment


The Board of Directors (Board) reserves the right to make any player, cheerleader, and coach assignments determined to be in the best interests of the TCYFL and the welfare of its members.

Board Procedures

The Board shall consist of a President, Secretary, and officers each with defined positions and responsibilities. The Board positions shall be as follows:

TCYFL President
Ensures TCYFL has a clear vision, is well organized, is staffed with competent officers, and is progressing toward its overall goals.

VP of Football Operations
Works with the TCYFL President on all football related issues.

VP of Cheerleading Operations
Responsible for making our cheer program as effective as our football program - includes rules, fundraising, camp, and competition.

TCYFL Treasurer
Works closely with the League's accountant and oversees financial controls. Responsible for TCYFL financial performance.

TCYFL Secretary
Schedules, prepares, and records TCYFL Board meetings. Ensures the Board uses an effective process for meetings, decision making, and League communications (email, etc.).

Director of Registrations
Registers participants, produces rosters, verifies eligibility, and manages the registration database.

Director of Scheduling
Secures and manages field availability; game scheduling, including conference / division structures; a clear playoff system.

Director of Game Day Operations
Ensures game day operations run smoothly in each site - personnel are in place, critical functions such as field marshal, announcers, timers, etc. are covered. This position also will have responsibility for the Jamboree and championship weekend coordination.

Director of Equipment Operations
Responsible for purchasing, maintaining, and storing of league equipment.

Director of Marketing
Responsible for advertising, league visibility, public image, and media relations.

Director of Rules & Oversight
Responsible for evaluating, updating, and enforcing the League rules. Also responsible for calling Protest and Disciplinary Committees.

Director of Officials
Responsible for cooridinating with the Officials scheduler to ensure that all games have officials; responsible for scheduling officials clinics prior to the season; investigates complaints concerning league officials.

Director of Web Operations
Responsible for producing and maintaining the TCYFL web site.

Director of Insurance Coordination
Responsible for acquiring the required insurance coverage for the League and its participants. Also responsible for educating the franchises about insurance procedures.

Director of Coordinatiors
Responsible for researching, accumulating, and distributing a handbook of best management practices of operating a franchise to the Franchise Head Coaches.

Director of Coach Certification
Responsible for all coach backround checks and that all coaches attend the coaches certification clinic prior to being certified to coach in the TCYFL; Produces the coaches badges for certified coaches.

The Board will meet periodically as determined by the Board to conduct League business. Board decisions will be approved by a simple majority of those present. However, new Board members must be elected by a super-majority (2/3 vote) of those present. Only those Board members present may vote. If a Board member cannot attend a meeting, but wishes to participate in the discussion, an informal affidavit can be submitted to the Board for discussion. If a Board member is absent 3 meetings in a row without notifying the Board, then they will be automatically dropped as a Board member and need to be approved by the Board to be reinstated. Board members can be removed from the Board by a super-majority vote. Possible reasons for removal from the Board include, but are not limited to: poor attendance, not fulfilling objectives or responsibilities of their position, creating an unsafe work environment, or acting in contrary with the goals and mission of the League.

Organization Structure

he Thurston County Youth Football League is comprised of 14 franchises. Each franchise's draw area is congruent to the local high school boundary. The franchises and local high schools are as follows:

  • Bears - Olympia High School
  • Beavers - Tenino High School
  • Blazers - Timberline High School
  • Climbers - Shelton High School
  • Cougars - Capital High School
  • Hawks - River Ridge High School
  • Jr Cats - Chehalis High School
  • Mountaineers - Rainier High School
  • Rams - North Thurston High School
  • Sentinels - Steilacoom High School
  • T- Birds - Tumwater High School
  • Tornados - Yelm High School
  • Warriors - Rochester High School
  • Wolves - Black Hills High School

Each franchise shall be comprised of any number of teams at one or all of the levels of competition.

Levels of Competition

Competition levels are separated by age of the participant on July 31 st of the current year and are as follows:

  • Flag Football - K - 1st Grade.
  • Minors - 2nd and 3rd Grade (Max Age of 8 on 4/30 of current year)
  • Major Junior Varsity - 4th and 5th Grade (Max Age of 10 on 4/30 of current year)
  • Major Varsity - 6th Grade (Max Age of 12 on 7/31 of current year)
  • Senior Junior Varsity - 7th Grade (Max Age of 13 on 7/31 of current year)
  • Senior Varsity - 8th Grade (Max Age of 14 if attending 8th grade in the current year)

Affiliate League Members

Affiliate members will set and collect their own player fees and provide their own equipment and insurance. All affiliate members will comply with the applicable TCYFL rules, team structure, and work within the league framework to ensure fair competition and good sportsmanship. Fees for affiliate members will be reviewed and set annually by the Board.

Roles and Responsibilities

Franchise Head Coach
Each franchise shall have a Franchise Head Coach (FHC) responsible for overseeing all teams and levels of the franchise. The FHC shall be approved by the Board. The FHC is responsible for all of the following duties, although any of these obligations may be delegated to other adults associated with the team. During the application process, the Board will consider the ability of a FHC applicant to work toward the objectives of TCYFL and to carry out the following duties:

  • Attend all TCYFL football/cheerleader coaches' meetings or have a representative present.
  • Staff each team with the appropriate number of coaches and educate them on rules.
  • Appoint a Franchise Coordinator.
  • Contact sponsor(s) and keep them current on League activities.
  • Assume responsibility for the participants and their parent's/guardian's conduct both on and off the field while conducting TCYFL activities.
  • Obtain equipment and uniforms and keep an inventory of these items.
  • Assume responsibility for all assigned TCYFL equipment.
  • Assure that players do not abuse TCYFL or their own equipment.
  • Collect all assigned uniforms and equipment owned by TCYFL and ensure that all is returned to the VP of Equipment Operations at the prescribed time.
  • Recruit volunteers for team and League activities including camp, equipment inventory, and field marshalling.
  • Follow TCYFL rules and policies and accept and perform TCYFL assignments.
  • Report game results on the appropriate forms for use in a manner specified. (Football only)
  • Keep unauthorized people off the sidelines.
  • Promote positive sportsmanship and League image.
  • Assure that all their assistant coaches are currently certified by the League.

Franchise Coordinator
Each franchise shall have at least one Franchise Coordinator (FC). The FC is responsible for managing all administrative support functions required by the franchise. These duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Set up parent meetings and provide a newsletter and phone lists to parents.
  • Coordinate team pictures with the FHC and photographer
  • Provide team sponsor(s) with team plaque and picture.
  • Recognize and keep sponsors informed of team activities.
  • Coordinate franchise fund raisers and report back to parents the financial status of the franchise and intended use of the funds.
  • Coordinate the end of the year banquet.
  • Support all league activities.
  • Attend monthly Coordinator meetings as needed.
  • Game day duties: Provide announcer with a game day roster including names, numbers, and sponsor. organize a chain gang if needed.

Equipment Manager
Each franchise shall appoint one equipment manager that will be the main point of contact for the VP of Equipment Operations. This role may be assumed by any member of the franchise including the FHC or FC.

Chain Gang
The visiting team will provide volunteers to act as the chain gang for their game. The chain gang will obey the instructions of the game officials at all times.

Field Marshal
A Field Marshal (FM) shall be at every game site. The FM is responsible for managing the game site. These duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Setting up the field including pylons, yard markers, and chains if available
  • Monitor games for behavior and safety incidents
  • Fill out any incident reports if needed

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